Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jacks lost his Swagger

Written By RY2J
Swaggers Career: After Every Rise Comes A Fall
As a former ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and Money in the Bank Winner; Jack Swagger has had plenty of highlights in his four-year stint in the WWE.
However, since forming an alliance with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler in August of last year, the All-American-American’s rise up the WWE ladder seems to have run down a blind alley.
With only a six week United State Title reign to show for his years’ work, Swagger’s accomplishments within the past 12 months have to go down as disappointing.
So the question must be asked: What went wrong? To find the answer, we must go way back to the build-up to WrestleMania 27.

One year prior to this event, Swagger had just won the MITB match, and not long afterwards cashed it in to become World Heavyweight Champion. Fast forward a year and his role in WrestleMania 27… Michael Cole’s trainer.
Now many of the lower-ranked superstars on the roster may be delighted just to be involved at an event as iconic as WrestleMania; but to go from such a prestigious position one year to being used as a gimmick with Michael Cole the next really doesn’t signify progression in Swaggers career.
Carrying on down the timeline of missed opportunities and poor judgement, we arrive at Swaggers role within the ‘Zig-Swag’ Stable.
Now, although Swagger is a gifted technical wrestler of which there is no denying, his persona and character have always seemed to be his Achilles heel. So WWE’s solution? Pair him with another superstar who has struggled to nail down a strong persona.
Personally, I am a fan of Ziggler, but throughout his time with The All American American we saw everything from Bum Capes to sunglasses and everything in between. In fact, Vickie Guerrero was the only one in the stable with a solid character!
Anyway, after being used with Dolph as a heel alliance for almost a year, all the while sliding further and further down the pecking order in WWE, a couple of weeks ago we finally saw the two competitors part ways.
But this led to another problem, now with no Ziggler, no title, and no storyline, Swagger has now become obsolete; as was shown this past Monday on Raw whereby he lost to an injury hit Sheamus in about sixty seconds.
Once seen as a major title contender, Swagger seems to have fallen into obscurity, and unless his situation is addressed soon, (perhaps with a move to SmackDown), it is unlikely we will see Swagger soaring high again any time in the near future.

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