Thursday, 2 February 2012

You can't spell WWE without McMahon

By Headbanger Ash

Having been one of the lucky ones, growing up in the attitude era, I saw first-hand how one family ruled over the wrestling industry. Names like The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Benoit, Jericho (the list goes on) helped make the era what it was but only one name truly dominated...McMahon.
Yet as the PG era took over, we have seen less and less of the most powerful family in sports entertainment. Less Vince McMahon one liners “YOU’RE FIRED” and the demise of the “kiss my a*s club” (even though big Johnny seemed happy to join it on Raw), no more of Shanes “coast-to-coasts” or 40 foot falls, no more choke slams, stone cold stunners or last rides for Steph, and Linda, well… we all love Linda.
The WWE has so much to thank this family for and what they have given to the world of wrestling can never be overestimated.
Vince McMahon
Vincent Kennedy McMahon
A career which has spanned over thirty years, and the man who has made WWE what it is today, Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s achievements are unparalleled in the industry. The biggest heel and the biggest face of all time, McMahon has done it all: World Heavyweight championships, Royal Rumble winner, legendary feuds with the Rattlesnake, Trish Stratus’ “toyboy”, not to mention the fact that he pretty much reinvented the business.
Storylines are original and appeal to all audiences ultimately due to the vision of Vince. Since joining his Father’s business back in 1972, McMahon has guided the WWE to the top of the ratings and under his leadership, Raw has become the longest-running weekly episodic TV show in history. Therefore we thank you Mr McMahon and look forward to seeing that iconic strut making a welcome return in the near future.
Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon
When Shane was a regular feature on the WWE, you was always safe in the knowledge that something interesting was about to happen. Following in the footsteps of his father, Shane could talk the talk and walk the walk as he was flying like a butter fly and stinging like a bee. Chairs, tables, bin lids, baking trays and even road signs came in contact with the cranium of Shane during his career as he was always willing to take one for the company – despite the risk. I offer the example here of one of my all-time favourite matches: Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon – King of the Ring 2001. A match I can only describe in the words of Ron Simmons, DAMN!
Shane will hopefully enrol on the same course as his Father did and one day own the WWE Empire. His experiences with WCW and ECW may have put him in good stead and I for one would be more than happy for Shane to continue the McMahon domination of professional wrestling.
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Stephanie McMahon
 The youngest member of the McMahon quartet, the “Billion dollar princess” was almost feuding with as many men as she was Diva’s during her time in the WWE. Like her brother, Steph was always willing to take a hit in the name of the business, even receiving the dreaded stink face from Rikishi. Yet it usually wasn’t her in ring ability that got “Daddy’s little girl” noticed, despite the fact she was one-time women’s champion, it was in fact her relationship with the Game, HHH, that propelled her career. On the arm of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, she helped guide the Cerebral Assassin to achieve title after title and claim utter domination under the McMahon-Helmsley era.
Now, with Road Dogg recently returning and Triple H looking to have turned down the opportunity of a third match against Taker at Wrestlemania, a Stephanie McMahon comeback would be awesome and could help kick-start a DX II.
Linda McMahon
Linda McMahon
Even if Linda may not have been as iconic on screen as her fellow family members, her off-screen contribution have helped shape the business into what it is today. Alongside husband Vince, Linda helped to establish the new era of wrestling yet it hasn’t always been smooth sailing between the two on screen.
My fondest memory of Linda includes Vince, and is enough of a reason for her to have her own hall in the hall of fame - the famous kick at Wrestlemania X-Seven. If you haven’t seen this then you are truly missing out – not only do you feel the urge to hollow a “hell yeah” when she rises from her seat, but when the foot connects with the McMahon family jewels, a mixture of humour and empathy (if you have been hit there you know what I mean) falls upon you.
Perhaps the McMahons don’t play as key a role on screen any more yet one more family feud would surely be welcome as WWE looks to recapture its attitude.

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