Sunday, 29 January 2012

RY2J’s Royal Rumble Preview (Part 4 of 4): The Royal Rumble Match

And the winner is...
Written By RY2J
30-Man Royal Rumble Match
One of the most exciting matches of the year will commence tonight as 30 superstars have the opportunity to go on and headline WrestleMania, all they need to do is be the last man standing in the ring come the end of the Rumble.
A lot has been made in the build-up about the fact that ‘any superstar can enter.’ This has led to rumours of everything from divas to leprechauns being entered into the match (and I’ve even heard a whisper of a certain Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw making a sneaky appearance). The fact remains, whoever enters the Rumble, they will have to get by twenty-nine other superstars regardless.
A difficult match to analyse and predict, but I will do my best. Below are my five picks as to who I believe are the big contenders in the 25th Annual Royal Rumble Event:
5. Undertaker – The Deadman has not been seen on our TV screens since WrestleMania XXVII, but with his current record of 19-0 at the WWEs pinnacle event, surely he will be looking to get to 20-0 this year. The question remains however in what circumstances will ‘Taker make it to WrestleMania, could it possibly be through winning the Rumble?
4. Rey Mysterio – Another superstar who has been out of the WWE for a number of months, the master of the 6-1-9 is also rumoured to be making a potential return tonight; and as the ultimate underdog, if Rey is in the match, he is always in with a chance of winning it, no matter of his size.
3. Kane – regardless of what happens in Kane’s match against Cena earlier in the night, The Big Red Machine could still make an appearance in the Rumble match, and if so, expect him to cause quite the stir. Renowned for his ability to eliminate large amounts of superstars from this very match, don’t be surprised if Kane enters the match, and maybe even goes that one step further.
2. Randy Orton – the apex predator returned to WWE on SmackDown this week and looked pumped and ready to go. After RKO-ing five superstars in the ring on Friday Night, Orton appears to be on a warpath, with his radar fixed right on Wade Barrett. No matter if Orton is successful in winning the Rumble, the likelihood is that himself and Barrett will play decisive roles in each other’s potential eliminations.
1. Chris Jericho – Y2J has been back in the WWE for a month now, but to say he came ‘back-with-a-bang’ would be quite the over statement. Jericho has only muttered one sentence since his return, stating that he will be in the Rumble match, and with all the hype surrounding the apparent silent superstar, it looks like the Jerichoholics could have something to cheer by the end of the night.
I would love to say that I think the likes of Mick Foley, ‘Big Johnny’ John Lauranitis, The Miz, Road Dogg and Hornswoggle have a chance of winning the Rumble (well maybe not the last one), but in my opinion, 2012 is shaping up to be the Year of Jericho.
RY2J Verdict: Chris Jericho to win
Headbanger Ash Verdict: Triple H to win

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