Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dominant Divas

With today being International Women’s Day, it seems fitting to do a write-up on the dominant divas of the WWE. From Chyna to Beth Phoenix, we have been treated to some exceptionally talented women over the years; and below is a run-down of some of the divas who have helped in the rise of ‘girl-power’ in the WWE.
Ninth Wonder of the World
After first appearing on our screens way back in 1997 as an ‘over-excited’ (or crazed) fan choking Marlena, The Ninth Wonder of the World went on to dominate in the WWE for many years to come.
A true trailblazer in the business, Chyna wasn’t only dominant in the diva division. As a former two-time Intercontinental Champion, the first female entrant into both the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring and a former bodyguard to Triple H, this is one woman not to be messed with.
Unfortunately, personal reasons appeared to cause Chyna and the WWE to drift apart and eventually they did part company, but for many Chyna is the ulti
mate dominant female of the WWE.
Beth Phoenix
The Glamazon has always been used in the role of a ‘Dominant Diva’ within the WWE, but within the last few months, Beth has appeared completely unstoppable.
From Tamina to Kelly Kelly, no Diva on the roster appears able to match Phoenix for strength or in-ring ability, and she rightfully holds the Divas Championship.
Two Dominant Divas: Beth and Trish
We’ve seen Glamarella (a.k.a. Santino and Beth), we’ve seen the Divas of Doom (or Pin-Up Strong as they were bizarrely renamed), but Beth Phoenix competing at her top level, on her own, appears to be the winning formula for making The Glamazon the Dominant Diva we see today.
Trish Stratus
When people look back through the history of the women who have embraced the WWE ring, many point at Trish as being the greatest Diva of all time, and with good reason too.
As a record seven-time Women’s’ Champion, alongside being named as Diva of the Decade, Stratus went from strength to strength in the business, and is deserved of her acclaim.
The master of the ‘Stratusfaction’ started out as a manager of T&A (Test and Albert), a move that soon had King calling for more T&A matches (which I’m sure had nothing to do with Trish’s ‘Puppies’). After progressing from manager to in-ring competitor, Stratus won over the WWE Universe, and still to this day is warmly received by fans in her cameo appearances.
As one-third of Team Xtreme, Lita was given the push by the WWE to be the high-flying, exciting Diva of the business, and didn’t she fulfil the role well.
A Bed for Two
A true fan-favourite who also wasn’t afraid to rumble with the men when called upon, Lita’s eccentricity, matched with her passion for ‘extremeness’, was what won the WWE Universe over.
After splitting from The Hardys, she went on to form a formidable partnership with Edge, often referred to as the Rated-R Duo. A live sex scene on Monday Night Raw in January 2006 (WWE’s highest rated show of the year) further propelled Lita into Diva-Dynasty, and the fiery-haired Diva will forever hold a place in the fans hearts.
Stephanie McMahon
The Jezebel of WWE
The woman who has been labelled a jezebel more times by JR than I don’t know what, Stephanie may not have been the best wrestler the business has ever seen, but she has always stoked opinion.
After pairing up with Triple H, the two dominated the WWE after the turn of the century, and Stephanie was keeping the McMahon family values intact, be hated for everything, by everyone.
Teaming up with her brother Shane, she then went on to try and run the WWE out of business via the Invasion storyline, in the end failing to do so, but succeeding in becoming seen as one of the most influential women within the WWE’s history.
Brief stints as General Manager and the odd sporadic appearance have kept Steph in the minds of the WWE fans, and Daddy’s Little Girl always did her job to perfection.

Other divas who deserve a mention include the likes of Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Ivory, Kharma, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young and many more.
Thank you to all the women who have helped make WWE what it is today; and with the standard of women wrestlers coming through only getting better, a bright future is to be expected for the Diva Division.

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