Thursday, 1 March 2012

Foley is Good: Comedy Tour Review

Bang Bang: Nights in Red Flannel a Hit
Written by RY2J
On Tuesday night, the Just Blog It team ventured down to Sheffield to once again see the Hardcore Legend himself Mick Foley and his UK comedy tour, Nights in Red Flannel. After driving around Sheffield for the good part of an hour trying to find the damn place, we finally arrived.
We attended the same event last year, only in Manchester, but once again the demographics of the audience were the same. A large amount of 20-to-40 something’s, 95% male, and all keen to come out of the closet for this one night and proclaim their love for all things wrestling.
Opening Acts:
Chris Brooker was the host of the night (@TheBrookerMan) as he was last year as well and once again the long haired ginger man managed to warm up the crowd perfectly. With a range of wrestling related comedy at his disposal, Brooker soon had the audience eating out of his hand, and the man who came out to CM Punks music knew it.
Steffen Peddie was the first support act to be introduced to the stage, and after being outed as an ex-wrestler himself, was always going to go down well with the crowd.
The big Geordie gave comical insight into past experiences of his in ring action, and from start to finish was able to engage the audience. A man who can make you smile with just the accent, Peddie went down well and was a good choice for a support act for Foley.
We were then introduced to the second support act of the night. Now, if Steffen told the odd story that may have been a bit edgy, it was just about to get a lot edgier. Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr Martin Mor.
To say that the Northern Irish comedian is a tad controversial with his act is an understatement, but at the same time, it works. From prison rape jokes to outrageous sex puns and everything in between, Mor’s style of comedy fitted in perfectly with the testosterone filled crowd, and deservedly left the stage to a loud ovation.
Foley Time:
After a short interval, it was finally time to see the man himself. Coming out to his traditional wrestling music, Foley was greeted with rapturous applause, and it was evident from the very start of the show; no matter what Mick said, the crowd would love it.
A witty insight into the world of a professional wrestler mixed with comical remarks about wider issues such as politics, the hardcore legend was able to appeal to a wider crowd than just us wrestling fans.
Now, I don’t want to ruin the show for anyone who is reading this and planning to go themselves, so I will just leave it by saying it is a definite must see for any wrestling fans.
From the start of the night with a meet and greet, through to the Q&A at the end, the show went down without a hitch. Even when there was one person who was talking too loud in the audience, he was soon put in his place by Mick himself!
A fantastic night out for all comedy and wrestling fans, Nights in Red Flannel will have you laughing from start to finish, and in my personal opinion, has even improved from last year’s show. Some new material mixed in with the better bits of last year’s tour means that Foley has found the formula for a great night of comedy.

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