Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Schizophrenic WWE

Written by RY2J

After the less than impressive return of Prince Albert (a.k.a. Lord Tensai) this past week on Raw, it brings to mind the number of other superstars who have felt the need for a full on character revamp.
Now by this, I don’t mean your everyday Face-to-Heel/Heel-to-Face change (something which divas such as Melina used to do on a weekly basis), but rather a fully pledged change to the persona of the wrestler.

Below we take a look at some other superstars who felt the need to bring out their schizophrenic self.
Stand Back, There's a Hurricane Coming Through

Gregory Helms – The Hurricane
Accompanied by his side-kick ‘Mighty Molly’ (someone who also seems to have been bit by the schizophrenia bug), Hurricane was able to build a successful character for himself as a clumsy, yet hard-trying super hero.
Dressed in his green and black attire, cape and all, Hurricane found success in the WWE, winning the European Championship, Hardcore Championship and two Tag Team Championships (one time with Kane aptly named ‘Hurri-Kane’).
However, the green and black was ditched in 2005, and The Hurricane became Gregory Helms; a no-nonsense Cruiserweight competitor. But that wasn’t the end of it. Come 2008, as a mixed super-hero turn reporter, the WWE Universe were once again treated to two more years of heroic antics until Helms was released in early 2010.
Mark Henry (World’s Strongest Man) – Sexual Chocolate
If you were to see Mark Henry in the ring today, he would be a mean, all action competitor, inducting opponent after opponent into his Hall of Pain. However, this hasn’t always been the case; in late 1999, the World’s Strongest Man went under a different persona… Sexual Chocolate.
Having a relationship with Mae Young (which somehow led to Mae becoming pregnant with Henry’s child!), confessing he is a sex addict, and being involved in a number of bizarre storylines, Sexual Chocolate was a complete opposite of the man we see today. Sadly, the chocolate wasn’t to stay sexy, and Henry ditched the gimmick in the early 2000’s.

Mick Foley – Mankind – Dude Love – Cactus Jack
Faces of Foley
The epitome of the four character persona, whether as Dude Love, Mankind or Cactus Jack, Foley has always had the hardcore wrestling style about his character that the fans love.
Not many (if any) superstars could pull off four different personas; let alone to the popularity that Mick did; and regardless of whether he was wearing a leather mask or a flannel shirt, flying off a cell or landing on thumb tacks; the superstar was always respected for the sheer effort and determination every one of his characters would show.
Bradshaw – JBL
As a no-nonsense, ass-kicking, beer drinking, rough neck Texan, when Bradshaw was in the APA, there wasn’t a tougher tag-team about. However, this was all to change…
The ‘bad man’ walk down to the ring was traded for a chauffeur driven limo, Farooq was traded for Orlando Jordan, and the WWE was introduced to Mr John Bradshaw Layfield. However, credit is due to JBL, as the character change came simultaneously with a rise up the rankings; leading to WWE Championships which as Bradshaw, must have seemed a million miles away.
Other apparent cases of the schizophrenic bug in the WWE include Brodus Clay (a.k.a. Funkasauras), Viscera (a.k.a. Big Daddy V), Charlie Haas (as just about everything possible) and there’s sure to be more in the past, and in the future!!

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