Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bye Bye Bellas

Written by RY2J
Bella Twins: Future Endeavoured
In August 2008, the WWE Universe were introduced to Brie and Nikki Bella, twin sisters who would go on to stay with the company for the best part of three and a half years; a stay that came to an abrupt and harsh end this past Monday night.
It was common knowledge amongst many fans that the Bella Twins contracts were ending, but for a pair who really helped boost the Diva Division, the crude send-off that they were given on Raw hardly seemed appropriate.
Hearing from the commentators table that “The Bella Twins have been fired by Eve Torres” was announced almost as a side note on what was quite a busy Monday Night Raw.

So how should the Bella’s have gone?
Us here at WWE Just Blog It were in belief that Kharma was on her way back, and at least if the Bella’s were ‘taken out’ by this dominant Diva, it could have boosted Kharma’s return whilst also giving Brie and Nikki a more deserved and respectable bow-out.
All in all, winning the Divas title and then losing it and being released all within seven days really didn’t give credit to the hard work the Bellas had put in over their careers in the WWE.
A pair who are renowned to be charming off screen, it is a true shame that they appear to have been thrown out like last night’s dinner.
From all of us here at Just Blog It, and I’m sure from many people in the WWE Universe as well, we say thank you Brie and Nikki for your dedication to the company, and sadly, good luck with your future endavours.

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