Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Heyman Hustle

Heyman and Lesnar: The Dominant Duo
Written By RY2J

After the re-introduction of Paul Heyman a couple of weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe have already been able to gain a sneak peek into what we can expect from the former ECW Owner in the coming months.
Posing as Brock Lesnars legal advisor, Heyman brings to the WWE a character that is easily hateable, and knows exactly how to get the crowd rattled.
Coupled alongside one of the most dominant wrestlers (or as he says ‘ass-kicker’) in the business, Paul-E has previously been able to help Lesnar realise his potential in the WWE, and the same should once again be expected in the months to come.
Triple H appears to be the next man on the ‘Heyman-Hitlist’, seeking legal retribution from the COO on behalf of both Brock and himself; and this rivalry looks sure to run and run.
But what can we expect in the short-term?
With Lesnar currently ‘sacked’ by the WWE, his inclusion in the match between John Lauranitis and John Cena at Over the Limit seems plausible, especially after the announcement of no-interference allowed this past Monday.
This could then lead to a feud between Triple H and Cena against Big Johnny and Lesnar; and no doubt Paul Heyman will have his say along the way.
But this is only speculation. What we do know for certain though is that Heyman is back, and as one of the most controversial characters in wrestling, he’s sure to make an impact down the line.

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