Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rhodes to Replace Randy?

Written by RY2J
Can Rhodes Make The Step Up?

After finding out that Randy Orton had been suspended for 60 days due to violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy, I decided to take a glass-half-full look at the situation.
Sure, Orton has been the key player on SmackDown ever since his move onto the Blue Brand over a year ago; but this latest incident could prove to be just the kick up the backside that WWE needed with their Friday Night Show.
When The Viper was first drafted to SmackDown, I, like many people, thought this was a step in the right direction to adding value to WWE’s ‘second show’, but a year on, and the show seems to be going backwards again.
Repetitive storylines, the brands top talent being available to be seen on Monday Night Raw, a lack of depth in the roster; SmackDown has again become a second thought in mine and many other WWE fans minds.
Just as the show seemed to be stuttering, Orton has now been suspended and things looked like they had gone from bad to worse. Or had they? As the saying goes, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’
So where can WWE look next? In my opinion, all Rhodes seem to point to Cody.
The second generation star has improved endlessly over the past few years, and now seems to be the perfect time to see if Rhodes can make the step up from mid-card competitor to top of the roster talent.
His recent feuds with Big Show have shown how Cody is adept to competing with the biggest in the industry, and now the opportunity has arisen to see if he can compete with the best.
What’s more, when Randy returns in two months, the possibility of reopening the Rhodes-Orton feud could again come into fruition.
The ‘Legacy Duo’ have history which goes way back to 2008, and it could be the best way for WWE to bring back The Viper and once again give Randy the push to be the must-see superstar on SmackDown.
That being said, we will have to wait 60 days to see how WWE do deal with the loss of one of their major assets. It could prove to be a huge blow to the company, or maybe it could just prove to be the catalyst SmackDown needed to offer fresh material and find a new superstar who can make the step up to Mr Main Event.

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