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RY2J’s Royal Rumble Preview (Part 3 of 4): WWE Championship Match – CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler (Special Referee John Lauranitis)

Will Big Johnny Screw Over CM Punk?
Written By RY2J
Cm Punk v Dolph Ziggler (Special Referee John Lauranitis)
In the last seven WWE Pay-Per-Views (dating way back to 17 July 2011), three wrestlers have constantly been headlining Raw’s main event (with the exception of The Miz in Decembers TLC triple-threat match). John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk have been contesting each other for the WWE Championship for nearly six months now, but finally a new contender has been added to the mix. Step up to the plate: Mr Dolph Ziggler.
Ziggler has had Punk’s number over the past month on WWE Raw, and thoroughly deserves his shot at the top prize in the business. The ‘Show-Off’ (as Cole seem to call him fifty times every week), has been on the rise through the ranks for a number of months now, and is finally reaching the dizzying heights he deserves.
Under the guidance of the Cougarlicious Vickie Guerrero, and with The All American American Jack Swagger always close by; Dolph goes into the match on a high and full of confidence. However, he faces a man who is always full of confidence (as is shown by the title of ‘Best in the World’), WWE Champion CM Punk.
Since beating The Miz and Del Rio at TLC, Punk has struggled to find a win from anywhere, but this is not down to a sudden loss of form; rather it’s down to one man with one long job title.
The Executive Vice-President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw, John Lauranitis (deep breath), has been playing Punk for the fool over the last month, and as the special guest referee in the Punk-Ziggler bout, could well be the decisive factor in deciding who will be going home with the WWE title.
However, there is still hope for Punk. On the final Monday Night Raw before the Royal Rumble, we learnt that Big Johnny’s job was under review, meaning his likelihood of screwing the champ at the Rumble has decreased significantly.
There is no doubt that the self-proclaimed ‘Mr Excitement’ will play some role in deciding where the WWE Championship goes, but when it comes down to it; Ziggler looks unlikely to be given the chance to hold the title, with just a couple of months to go until WrestleMania.
RY2J Verdict: CM Punk wins by Submission
Headbanger Ash Verdict: CM Punk wins by Submission

Hollywood Hinchcliffe Verdict: CM Punk wins by Pinfall

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