Sunday, 26 February 2012

Highway to Hell (in a Cell)

Will HHH v Undertaker steal the show... again?
Written by RY2J
On WWE Monday Night Raw this week, the announcement we all thought was going to happen finally happened… but with a twist.
When The Undertaker was initially turned down by Triple H for a rematch at WrestleMania 28, we all had an inkling that it wouldn’t be the last we saw of the two; and sure enough, it wasn’t.
After a fantastic Shawn Michaels-Triple H promo, followed by seeing the Undertaker apparently go for the Stone Cold Steve Austin haircut, the feeling that the ‘big match’ was going to be happen was getting stronger and stronger until finally, The Game said you’re on.
The announcement that these two legends of the business were once again going to be locking horns on the grandest stage of them all was enough to get any WWE fan excited, but the COO had one more trick up his sleeve.
Throughout the history of the WWE, the Hell in a Cell match has produced some of the greatest moments in the businesses legacy. From seeing Mick Foley flying onto an announcers table, to R-Truth and The Miz barricading themselves in the structure and striking everything that moves; the proclaimed ‘demonic structure’ has had some momentous occasions associated with it.
On April 1st 2012, it is very likely that another bout will be added to this impressive list as The Undertaker faces Triple H in a match likely to steal the show, even from the People’s Champion himself.
The Deadman has survived nineteen matches at WrestleMania and come out of everyone victorious, but there is just that little feeling that perhaps this year, Taker could meet his maker.
Whatever happens between the two, it is sure to be one hell of a slobberknocker. Their match at last year’s WrestleMania was the highlight of the PPV, and adding a celled structure to these two already combustible elements is sure to create sparks.
The Undertaker is the master of the Hell in a Cell match, but against the man who will do just about anything to win, the matchup should leave the WWE Universe in awe, regardless of the outcome.
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