Monday, 20 February 2012

The Rise of Tamina

Tamina: Proudly Carrying the Samoan Heritage
Written by RY2J
Last night at Elimination Chamber, Tamina was able to push Beth Phoenix further than any other diva has managed for quite some time. In fact, after hitting the patented Superfly Splash, she came within a second of creating history, only for The Glamazon to kick-out and go on to retain her title, for now at least.
But it was Lady Snuka who was left holding her head high at the end of the night, knowing that she had finally arrived on the big stage, after a long, often frustrating, three year climb in the WWE.
The dominant diva from Samoa has had more heel-to-face/face-to-heel changes in her three year career than The Big Show. Often being used as a bad-gal one week, followed by good-gal the next, Tamina struggled to create a strong persona for herself throughout the majority of her WWE career.
However, after ditching JTG in December 2011 (just a month or so after joining forces with him), Tamina undertook one final face-turn and started feuding with Natalya (a.k.a. Miss Fart-Gag). The difference this time, the fans bought in to it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tamina Sunka had finally arrived.
The past couple of months have seen Tamina go from mid-carder to main eventer in the diva division, once again another success story of a Diva who is both beautiful and powerful.
However, with the name Kharma constantly on the lips of the WWE Universe, the Samoan warrior will be aware that no matter how hard she found it to get to the top; she must now push on and go that extra step if we are to see a Samoan woman lifting the Diva’s title anytime soon.
That being said, nothing should be taken away from Tamina, who has worked so hard to reach the heights she has today, and in my opinion at least, long may she remain there.

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