Monday, 26 March 2012

Match Preview: Daniel Bryan (c) v Sheamus

Sheamus v D-Bry: Dark Horse of the Night?
Written by RY2J

For over three months now, Daniel Bryan has held the World Heavyweight Championship, and for three months, he’s made sure every knows about it.
D-Bry’s transition in the WWE from NXT Reject to Top of the Roster Superstar coincided with his heel turn on SmackDown, and with the adorable AJ on his arm, Bryan has been able to squirm his way to a three month reign as World Champion.
However, this reign looks like it may come under serious threat this Sunday at WrestleMania, as a certain Celtic Warrior looks to regain his spot at the top of the mountain.

Since winning the Royal Rumble, Sheamus has been on a dominant run in the WWE, and certainly goes into this Sunday riding the wave of momentum.
It seems like the SmackDown main event at WrestleMania is being overshadowed by other stellar match-ups, but perhaps this could prove to be the dark horse of the show; after all Bryan is a fantastic competitor, and when Sheamus is psyched, he’s really psyched!
An interesting mix up between the powerhouse Irishman and the technically gifted champion should mean that this bout leaves more of an impression than many may be giving it recognition.
So it boils down to the question… who will win?
Can Sheamus keep up his fantastic run of form and leave ‘Mania as the first ever Irish-born World Heavyweight Champion; or will Bryan once again find a way to overcome the odds and retain his title.
One thing is for sure, D-Bry will do everything in his power to make sure he doesn’t leave Miami on Sunday without his Championship, but whether that will be enough to stop the Celtic Warrior, only time will tell.
A classic “Brains vs Brawns” match-up should be expected, and I have an inkling that come the final bell, it will be a pale white hand which is being raised in victory.
RY2J Prediction:  Sheamus Wins by Pinfall
Bushwhacker Barker Prediction: Sheamus Wins by Pinfall
Headbanger Ash Prediction: Daniel Bryan Wins by Pinfall
Hollywood Hinchcliffe Prediction: Daniel Bryan Wins by
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