Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Match Preview – Undertaker v Triple H

By Headbanger Ash
HHH vs Undertaker: Round III
When the lights went off last month on Raw, and the bright lights of Jericho’s jacket didn’t illuminate the arena, it meant only one thing, The Undertaker was back.
As he made his way down to the ring with a deathly walk which seems to last longer every time he appears, the crowd, the commentators and even the cameraman knew what was coming: the now what, seems to be annual HHH vs Undertaker, Wrestlemania challenge.
Yet unlike the previous two encounters, this one seemed to have the inability to headline the night. With the risk of being overshadowed by the Great ones encounter with John Cena, or Punk’s world title match with Jericho, something seemed to be missing.

Enter the Hell in a Cell. With the Undertaker and Triple H now synonymous with the Cell, having appeared in 19 of the 24 past Cell matches between them,  what better way to shoot the match back up to headline status than having it inside the five ton hellish structure.
The match seems to have it all. A third time lucky approach for HHH who looks as fit and ready to fight as ever, and the landmark 20th straight victory for the Deadman. It’s retribution vs pride, desire vs determination and perhaps most importantly the Game vs the Streak.
There was nothing about the match I didn’t look forward to; that was until a certain HBK swapped the cowboy hat and tassels for the black and white striped shirt.
Like almost every wrestling fan, past and present, I have the utmost respect for Shawn Michaels for what he has done for the WWE. Yet his inclusion in the Taker-Game match seems so unneeded.
A classic the past two times now with a special guest referee who, if he were to have any element of bias, would surely only be detrimental to the match.
As I say I like Shawn Michaels, but why interfere in one of the most talked about bouts this year. It could well be the last match taker has and I just hope it lives up to its billing.
Come the end of the match there may be two worthy winners but only one victor, the Deadman, 20 and 0, The Undertaker.
Headbanger Ash Prediction: Undertaker Win by pinfall
RY2J Prediction: Undertaker Win by submission
Hollywood Hinchcliffe Prediction: Undertaker Win by pinfall
Bushwhacker Barker Prediction: Undertaker Win by pinfall

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