Thursday, 29 March 2012

Christians and his cutting Edge

Where have all the Peeps gone?
By Headbanger Ash

After being announced physically unable to compete at Wrestlemania following CM Punks attack on Raw, we take a look back on how Captain Charisma has dealt with life after Edge.
Back in the days when the tag team division used to really matter, in the times of the Dudley's, the Hardy’s, APA, hell even Kai En Tai, there was one tag team who would always be headlining; the con-chairto masters, Edge and Christian.
From TLC’s at Mania to unforgettable Steel Cage matches at Unforgiven and Survivor Series, the duo were able to captivate audiences like few others, past or present, have had the ability to do.

Yet like all great things, this tag team came to an end, when the “brothers” parted ways to initially feud with each other. A number of classics were fought out, with a hell of a lot of con-chairto’s appearing, before a certain rated R superstar began looking for the greatest prize in wrestling, leaving Christian and his peeps behind.
With Christian seemingly left in the dark, he turned to TNA for a while, before returning to the WWE in 2009 to claim the ECW heavyweight championship. It may not be the most glorious championship in the latter years of its existence but it signalled the return of Christian, and the return of a champion.
Unfortunately for Christian his time on WWE’s brother show was always going to be short with its eventual closure in February 2010. Yet the 9 time tag champ had now got the taste for gold, and was ready to step up his chase on the big stage.
Two world heavyweight championship reigns later, lasting a total of 30 days (including a two day reign), and Chritian was left looking for a new challenge. “One more match” was the approach he so wanted, but never received and since November 2011 has been out of the game with an ankle injury.
He will return in the future but when who knows?
Personally I've always been a big fan of Christian, from the tag team (glory days), to the “one more match” era, and hope it is just a matter of time until Captain charisma returns to challenge once again, for the greatest prize of all.

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