Monday, 23 January 2012

The 5 Step Guide to Heal a Heel

Written by Headbanger Ash
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From Stone Cold to The Rock, Kane to The Undertaker and more recently R-Truth to Sheamus, WWE has perfected the art of turning heel after heel into the good guy in the business, but how do they do it? In this article we shall take a look at the 5 step guide to becoming a face in the industry and losing the heel label.
#1 – First of all we have to find out what the main feature is of which people dislike about you: The ego? The cheating? The angry ginger Brit mixed with bleach white skin and an Irish accent? (Maybe the last one is a bit specific towards Sheamus but he has gone through this rehabilitation process rather recently).
#2 – Now turn this negative feature into a positive one. Rather than having a massive ego – become the People’s champion and earn that ego, rather than cheating – take up the philosophy of cheat, lie and steal (don’t ask why it works, it just does) and rather than playing on being an angry ginger Brit mixed with bleached white skin and an Irish accent just…smile (a lot).
#3 – We are at the halfway point here and this is where the aid of the commentators comes into play. As much as we, here at Just Blog It, love Michael Cole, unfortunately this is the stage that you have to remove yourself from the Cole Mine. Whoever Cole likes, the universe doesn’t: The Miz, Del Rio, Swagger, Ziggler, the list goes on. So at this stage forget Michael Cole and start thinking more Jerry Lawler or even better Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross.

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#4 – Find yourself a match involving a Heel and an innocent gimmick (e.g. Santino Marella). These two Superstars will then face-off on either Smackdown or Raw (a face turn is not going to be that successful or noticed if it is on Superstars or NXT, no offence intended) with the result of the match not necessarily important. It is after the match when the Heel attacks the gimmick that it is your chance to turn face. Saving a gimmick is almost a guaranteed way of becoming a fans favourite (and if there are no gimmicks nearby, a legend save is just as respected by the WWE Universe). Now, there is only one thing left to do.
#5 – Get the t-shirt!

That is just one 5 step guide to healing the heel yet if it doesn’t work, don’t worry; there is always a sure fire way to win over at least half of the WWE Universe - attack John Cena.

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