Sunday, 22 January 2012

Barrett Barrage to Continue

Barrett Aiming Big in 2012
Written By RY2J
As is discussed in an earlier blog entry (namely “Nexus: Where Are They Now?”), Wade Barrett is one of the major success stories in the WWE to have come out of the NXT programme. With his hard hitting, in your face wrestling style, Barrett was able to establish himself as a ‘major-player’ on SmackDown through the back-end of 2011, and the Barrett Barrage looks set to continue in 2012.
After feuding with Randy Orton for almost two months, the hard-nosed Englishman was able to really cement his place on the SmackDown roster as a major Heel, and help to climb his way towards the top in the WWE. The man who used to rule Nexus has been able to push on in the business as a singles competitor, and now that he isn’t surrounded by several other stable members, the Mancunian hasn’t been fazed by the spotlight; he’s thrived under it.
 Going into the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View this weekend, Barrett may only be viewed as having an outside chance of winning the Rumble and going on to headline WrestleMania, but the fact that he is considered as a contender nevertheless shows what a force the Barrett Barrage has become.
At last year’s Rumble, only John Cena and (then Nexus leader) CM Punk lasted longer in the ring than Barrett, who was eventually eliminated after surviving over twenty-two minutes (ironically, it was Orton who eliminated him, ten months before the two started their bitter rivalry). Perhaps such a display may not occur this year, but don’t be surprised if the former-Intercontinental Champion plays a major role in the final outcome of the match.
Regardless of The Rumble result, the future looks bright for the ex-Corre member, who will surely be used in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber in February, potentially leading to a major role for Barrett come April 1st in Miami.
An Englishman is yet to hold the WWE Championship in its 39-year history, but with the Barrett Barrage looking set to continue (and perhaps dominate) in 2012; it may only be a matter of time until that record is set straight.

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