Thursday, 26 January 2012

RY2J’s Royal Rumble Preview (Part 1 of 4): World Heavyweight Championship Match

Written By RY2J
Can D-Bry defy the Odds?
With only four matches confirmed for this year’s Royal Rumble, a lot will be expected from these potentially awesome bouts. Over the next few days, I will analyse the big winners and the potentially big losers at the 25th annual event, from a World Heavyweight Triple-Threat Cage match, to the 30-man Rumble itself, it promises to be a high-flying, fast-paced pay-per-view you don’t want to miss!
World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Triple-Threat Match:
Mark Henry v Big Show v Daniel Bryan
With the SmackDown program re-growing in popularity week after week, the Friday-night shows main event at the Rumble is likely to be an excellent, extreme competition and a great start to the night’s proceedings (presuming this is the first match on the card).
Daniel Bryan goes into the match as the current Champion, but his recent weaselling antics and lack of integrity has seen the former NXT star begin the first stages of his heel turn. He will undoubtedly be named as ‘the underdog’ in the competition (and this will probably be mentioned a ridiculous amount of times throughout the match), but as has been seen in recent weeks on SmackDown, D-Bry will do whatever it takes to retain his title.
Joining Bryan in the ring will be the owner of the Hall of Pain, former one-time World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. The wrestler formerly known as ‘Sexual Chocolate’ will be looking to regain a title it took him fifteen years to win; and inside a steel cage the World’s Strongest Man could be right at home inside the structure.
The third and final contender in the match is the man who Bryan beat for the title, the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. If Show is to win the championship, he will be hoping to hold onto it for a little while longer than his previous two-minute reign. The man with the devastating knockout punch will be looking forward to finally getting his hands on the champion who has done everything he can do to avoid Show in recent weeks, but inside a cage, there’s nowhere to hide.
With the two giants who gave us the ‘Holy $#!+ Move of the Year’ being put inside a steel cage with the heel-turning Bryan, a hell of a contest can be expected. Will the smallest man in the match defy the odds and retain his title, or will we be crowning a new champion in the first match of the night. Whatever the outcome, the winner will then have to watch on and wait to see who wins the Rumble match; as these two superstars could potentially be headlining WrestleMania in the near future!
RY2J Verdict: Bryan wins by escaping the cage
Hollywood Hinchcliffe Verdict: Bryan wins by escaping the cage
Headbanger Ash Verdict: Big Show wins by Pinfall over Bryan

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