Friday, 27 January 2012

RY2J’s Royal Rumble Preview (Part 2 of 4): Kane v John Cena

"Cena Angry!!"
Written By RY2J
Kane v John Cena:
Kane has been trying to persuade John Cena to ‘accept the hate’ since his return to the WWE, and weeks of ambushed attacks and Zack Ryder beat-downs have led to this match being set-up; but has Cena already begun to turn to the Big Red side?
After Kane’s most recent assault on Ryder, which ended with an ambulance exit for the self-proclaimed Internet Champion; Cena was caught on camera doing something the under twelve members of the WWE Universe never thought they would see… he started to accept the hate.
Although this hate was only signalled by a bizarre shaking of the head with an equally odd frowning action; the actual sight of this mini breakdown was enough to make us question whether or not Kane’s antics were finally getting to the ten-time WWE Champion.
The match at the Royal Rumble on Sunday is likely to be hate-filled from the get-go, with revenge the number one objective for Cena, whereas the Big Red Machine is the epitome of hate anyway.
WWE may be wanting the leader of the Cenation to be edging more and more towards being ‘hate-accepting’ and thus more popular amongst an older age-group, but surely it is unlikely that the man whose motto is ‘Rise Above Hate’ will be broken down to this level.
Kane will be looking to do to Cena what he did to Ryder on Monday, but with John determined to set right (what he seems to believe to be) the guilt he has over Ryders injury, we will have to wait and see whether revenge will equal hate at the Rumble.
RY2J Verdict: John Cena wins by pinfall
Headbanger Ash Verdict: Kane wins by DQ
Hollywood Hinchcliffe Verdict: John Cena wins by pinfall

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