Saturday, 21 January 2012

Where Have All The Divas Gone?

Give Us More Divas
Written by Hollywood Hinchcliffe

Diva matches have never been taken as seriously as their male counterparts, which is a damn shame in many cases when the divas are fantastic wrestlers (quick shout out to my future wife- Eve Torres).

Some of the most beautiful women in the world became WWE Diva’s and entered our hearts and minds in great matches. Michelle McCool, Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro (a particular favourite of mine), Melina (what an entrance), Stacy Keibler, just to mention a few. Oh and how could I forget the one and only Mae Young!

And now we are subject to basically the same matches week in week out. For the past six months on Raw there have been four Divas. I’m sure there are many more backstage willing to volunteer, but only four. Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix and Natalya. In one way or another, these women were involved in every single diva match. Perhaps with some interference from the Bella Twins, and now the Rihanna esque redhead Alicia Fox. I will even shamefully admit to becoming bored with this combination and skipping some diva matches. I know I’m a terrible person.

I’m not even sure that bringing back the Women’s Championship would do anything to help. The only thing I can hope for is that WWE would give other lesser known Divas a chance. I count no less than fourteen divas on the roster, yet some I haven’t seen on TV for at least a year. Before last weeks’ SmackDown, I was hoping the wonderful AJ was going to get a big push, but the only push she gained was from the Big Show.

So to sum it up, give more Diva’s a chance; that’s all I can say. I don’t want to be forced to skip matches due to Nexus-esque levels of boredom. Whether it means bringing back the diva search or simply introducing some new female superstars into matches, larger measures need to be taken to help revamp the Diva Division (and King bringing back his “We Want Puppies” gimmick couldn’t hurt either).

Last week I posted a blog on the tag team division being too much of the same thing and now the Tag-Team Championships have changed hands. I can only presume that WWE are reading my blog entries and directly taking advice from them. Or something like that.

Oh and one more thing. Ashley Massaro, Marry Me?

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