Sunday, 15 January 2012

Brodus "What the Funk" Clay

Written By Headbanger Ash
Mix together some Sexual Chocolate with a pinch of Rikishi; topped off with a layer of The Godfather and what do you get? A Funkasaurus.  
After two months of suspense Brodus Clay finally made his return to Raw last Monday night, in a way that nobody could have expected.
Previously known for letting his actions in the ring do the talking, Clay’s comeback to the WWE universe was shocking to say the least.
Strutting his way down to the ring to “Somebody call my Momma” in his over-revealing, red singlet, the new and improved Clay opened up his very own Hall of Pain, inducting both Curt Hawkins and Tyson Kidd as honorary members.
Powerful suplexes, body splashes and the return of the head-butt have all appeared in Clay’s move set, which looks similar to that of a young Umaga.
Not since the American Badass hit the WWE has a superstar’s image changed so much – but the question now arises, is this a good thing?
The turnover of superstars in the WWE is one that no other company can emulate. Superstars are hardly in the company long enough to finish a match before they are thrown out the door so whether our new big red machine will survive in these testing waters will be a challenge in itself.
Personally, I like the new Brodus Clay. Rather than just bringing him back as another heel, where the likes of Mark Henry and Kane would all but eclipse him, John Laurinaitis has handed the funky torch on to a superstar who has the in ring abilities to do more than the original funk man ever could do.
What the future holds for the Funkasaurus now is unknown. A Gimmick who can actually wrestle has the potential to challenge for titles, and as long as nobody calls his Momma too soon, Clay may well have a bright future in the WWE.

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