Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Welcome to the Cole Mine

"The voice of the WWE"
Written By Headbanger Ash
And I quote… As a proud Cole Miner you may read this entry and think perhaps it’s a little bias, yet when it comes to Monday night Raw, there are very few superstars who can draw a crowd quite like the self-proclaimed “Voice of the WWE”.
Week in, week out, on both Smackdown and Raw, Cole is an ever present at the announce table, taming the quickest voice in the WWE, Booker T, and helping Jerry “The King” Lawler keep up pace. Note, no disrespect to the King and Booker who are awesome in their own rights but without Cole, we would be left with just Booker’s “Fave Five” and the memories of King calling for “the Puppies”.
Over the past couple of years, Cole has shown what many superstars and even referees in the past have not been able to, consistency. His one liner’s help to make the show what it is, such as the constant heckling at everybody’s favourite diva, Vickie Guerrero, along with help from the Book and King, help to maintain a little bit of that Attitude era.
I use the example of the anonymous Raw General Manager to show the power of Cole. By simply taking on the role of spokesperson for this forgotten GM (who to be fair is nowhere near the league of Mr Excitement, John Laurinaitis) Cole was able to make a computer screen become hated by so many. There are very few commentators past or present with this kind of power over the WWE Universe.
Jim Ross once went on record stating his belief that colour commentators (i.e. Cole) are replacing the action ones, and as much as we all love good ol’ JR, this change doesn’t actually seem to be a bad thing.
From the bright orange wrestling gear, to the Kiss my Foot match at Over the Limit, Cole’s in-ring moments have become just as memorable as his “off-screen” again showing his commitment to the WWE.
Jim Ross, Jerry “the King” Lawler, Bobby “the Brain” Heenan and Jesse “the Body” Ventura –are just some of the commentators who are currently in the Hall of Fame and now perhaps it is only a matter of time before the one and only Michael Cole joins this exclusive club.

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