Sunday, 15 January 2012


Before and After: Vickies Cougarlicious transition
Written By RY2J
WWE is renowned for its fine-looking ladies employed on the show, past and present. From Ms Elizabeth to Melina, from Torrie Wilson to Trish Stratus, WWE has always got it spot on when recruiting their divas.
As we enter 2012, the female roster is still bulging with beauties such as Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and Alicia Foxx to name but three. However, there is one lady in the WWE who doesn’t fit the mould of your average diva.
Her Name: Ms Vickie ‘Cougar’ Guerrero.
Vickie debuted in the WWE in 2005 alongside her late husband, Eddie Guerrero, and appeared as a loving wife, a little overweight but with the right intentions. Seven years, one wedding, one divorce, two tombstones and a hell-of-a-makeover later, and ‘The Cougar’ has been reborn.
Once an easy target for cheap one-liners, Vickie has done magnificently to lose well over 50lbs, and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s once amusing puns are fast becoming futile.
The 43 year-old gets more airtime than any other diva on Monday Night Raw, as manager of her stable: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger; and with her patented ‘Excuse Me’ howl, is the only woman in the show with a legitimate catchphrase (‘cry Kelly cry’ is about the best the rest can offer).
2012 could well be the year of The Cougar, with Ziggler looking likely to progress to big things in the near future, meaning Guerrero could well feature more and more on Raw to which I say, fantastic.
For too long only Michael Cole has been an admirer of Vickie, but in honesty she deserves a lot more plaudits going her way. What she may lack in in-ring ability she more than makes up for with passion, I don’t see any other divas provoking such a loud reaction from the crowd as she does.
 WWE define their divas as “Sexy, Smart and Powerful,” three things which sum up Guerrero, however on the WWE website, Vickie is not classed as a diva. So to conclude, I ask; if AJ, Tamina and Rosa Mendes can all be classed as divas on the site, surely there is room on that list for Ms Vickie ‘The Cougar’ Guerrero.

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