Thursday, 19 January 2012


Written By Headbanger Ash
Break the Walls, Break the Silence
Since the return of Chris Jericho to Monday night Raw three weeks ago, more questions have been created than have been answered. Why were the promos so seemingly irrelevant for the “Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla”? Why does the man not speak? Why does he insist on over-enthusiastically running down to the ring, high-fiving, fist pumping and posing for pictures with every other fan yet not wrestle? Why2J, Why?
Of course he has kept us talking, and I guess at the end of the day that is his job. Good publicity or bad publicity, it’s publicity nevertheless, and when he does eventually talk, hopefully the suspense will be worthwhile.
Jericho used to be one of the biggest wrestlers on the roster with an ego to match - a man who calls WWE’s number one show “RAW is Jericho” and is also the self-proclaimed “King of the World” has to have a bit of confidence about him. It was this ego which, in a similar way to CM Punk (the new “Best in the world” apparently), which made him such a hit in the first place and it is this ego which will make a welcome return to the WWE.
I remember the days of Jericho all but running Monday nights. Y2J stood backwards, arms aloft whilst the countdown begins would be the highlight of the show. Even now, with the glow in the dark jacket, you can see the magic is still there and is now just a matter of time before he releases it upon the WWE universe once more.
The glory days of the Benoit, Jericho feuds, may be over, yet the potential of a Jericho, Punk rivalry in the build-up to Wrestlemania is certainly something that we can all look forward to. Jericho’s Code breaker against Punk’s GTS and the Walls up against the Anaconda Vice would create a match which could possibly even eclipse that of “The Great one’s” with Cena.
Yet for now we have to put up with the unusually silent Jericho. The lead singer of a Rock band (Fozzy, (who are awesome by the way if you haven’t heard)) known for having electrifying microphone skills, better even than Mr Entertainment himself, John Laurinaitis, is now unable to talk.
So until Jericho finally does say something, time will only tell what’s in the pipeline, but a clever guess would indicate, there may well be a few pipe-bombs going off in the near future.

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