Sunday, 15 January 2012

Someone call Mick Foley… WWE’s lost its “Hard-Core”

The Hardcore Legend Himself
Written by Hollywood Hinchcliffe

Before I start, yes I know WWE now has to be PG. God forbid we ever hear a bad word or see a certain Stone Cold taunt. But wait a minute… I grew up during the attitude era and I turned out alright (subject to opinion).

I can remember it as if it was yesterday, watching SmackDown in my parents’ bedroom, The Rock walking down to the ring while almost the entire audience were blatantly giving him the finger. Or slyly hearing some rather bad language from some of the superstars when they were fully pumped up and in character. I must’ve been around 7 years old when I was first really fascinated with wrestling, and I was watching two bloodied athletes throwing each other into a pile of thumbtacks and imagining the pain they must go through after a match, having to remove them one by one.

Long gone are the days when a superstar lifted up the ring cover and we got a shot of a wide array of weapons and implements, ranging from kendo sticks to dustbins. And where the hell did all the road signs come from?!

I realise I’m going on a rant, and I want to make the point of saying I know anytime there has ever been a good hardcore match, the superstars involved have never come out the same. It takes a toll on the human body, but that is all part of the spectacle that is WWE. The superstars are dedicated to the sport, and they should at least be given the option of entering into a hardcore battle.

 I can see this insert suddenly turning into a plea to bring back the hardcore championship so I’ll wrap it up. But why not bring the title back? There are rumours surfacing now that the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley could return to in-ring action later this year and I can only hope that this provokes WWE to concentrate more on the Hardcore matches we know and love… oh and the return of Steve Blackman and his kendo stick sure would be a nice surprise too.

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