Friday, 20 January 2012

Golden Rhodes to WrestleMania

Written by RY2J
Goldust and Cody to Cross Rhodes at WM28?
When I first heard about the potential for a sibling feud between Cody Rhodes and Goldust at Wrestlemania XXVIII, I, much like many other fans, was excited by the idea. The chemistry between the two could really boost Cody Rhodes’ persona as a major heel in the WWE, whilst also giving the Golden Guy another opportunity on the grandest stage of them all.
Goldust is renowned for his quirky eccentricity, but in recent weeks, has appeared as a ‘make-up-less’ Dustin Rhodes, who rather than bringing the sparkle to the show, seems to have somewhat lost his mojo. In contrary, Cody (my face is beautiful, now ugly, now back to OK) Rhodes has really started to develop as a wrestler, both through in-ring ability and enhancing his character as a bad-guy of the industry. This culminated in Rhodes rejuvenating the Intercontinental Championship, and seeing off the Spineroonie master that is Booker T in recent weeks.
But what is the next step for Cody on his apparent rise up the WWE ladder? Another match against Booker T? No thank you. Winning the Royal Rumble? Not yet ready. A brother-on-brother battle at Wrestlemania? Bingo.
It was sixteen years ago that Goldust first appeared at a Wrestlemania event (Wrestlemania XII against Rowdy Roddy Piper), and amazingly has never won at the PPV in his entire career! All the more reason to give him the chance to address this issue with a bout against his ever-improving half-brother. But wait, there’s more. As many of you will know, the wrestling genes in the Rhodes family goes further back than just these two superstars; step forward Hall of Famer, Mr Dusty Rhodes.
Dusty is a legend within the business, and like all legends, is always able to gage a response from the audience. This, mixed in with Dustin’s potential restoration of the Golden One, and Cody’s obvious ever-increasing reputation, could fuse together to create a real spectacle at WWE’s major event of the year. No matter how Dusty is used; either in aiding Goldust to shine once more, or assisting The Dashing One in his devious ways; the use of all three members of the Rhodes wrestling family in the same match at Wrestlemania should surely help to create a bout to be remembered for some time.
So, now all that we can do is wait and see if Dustin Rhodes will once again slap on that Gold paint we all love to see and take up his rightful place as the overly suggestive, highly intriguing superstar we have all to come adore. If this persona can be re-found, then with a little assistance from a couple of family members, magic could be in the air come Wrestlemania.

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