Monday, 16 January 2012

Woo Woo Woo You Blew It

Cena and Ryder: a sight too familiar?
Written by Hollywood Hinchcliffe

Self Professed Internet Champion, Conquered YouTube, and gained enough Twitter followers to force the decision-makers of the WWE to give him a United States Championship opportunity. This guy has worked his boots off. He’s single handedly worked his way up through the ranks… wait… John Cena what are you doing here?! You’re here to steal his limelight and make him uncool? DAMN YOU CENA!

(Side note: the title sounds like I’m making out this is entirely Ryders’ fault. However this is not the case, it is simply a catchy title suggest by my colleague (Headbanger Ash), that was simply too catchy to pass up).

Now I’ll say this straight up. I’ve never liked John Cena, I disliked the man before it became cool to dislike him, he just doesn’t appeal to me. Of course he’s a good guy in real life, but that’s not what you’re here to read about. At the moment, most of the WWE Universe are opposed to Cena, so in what realm did the WWE Execs think it would be a good idea to have the most loved guy on the roster overshadowed by the crowd’s pure dislike of John Cena. You’ll notice I’m avoiding the word hate, I don’t hate John Cena, and neither should you, he lives and breathes WWE and I respect that. However, that said it’s still not gonna stop me starting the Cena Sucks chant every time I’m watching Raw.

So back to Ryder.  It takes some real talent to be able to get a bigger crowd reaction than The Rock, but that’s exactly what happened at Survivor Series. The Rock was making one of his jaw dropping speeches, and the only thing coming from the crowd was a “WE WANT RYDER” chant. It’s not often the great one himself gets drowned out, but we all saw it happen. This is what I’m talking about when I refer to the power this guy has gained.

And now look, every time Ryder is featured on Raw, there is some interference from Cena, whether it be chatting to him in a backstage segment, or helping him escape from Kane pulling him straight through the middle of the ring. Opinions have changed so much I’m sure I heard a couple of boo’s from the crowd when Ryder’s music hit the last time he was on Raw. I really hope something can be done to make him as popular as he used to be, but I can’t see this current storyline helping as it’s gonna turn out with Ryder AND Cena feuding with the big red machine.

So, in closing, I believe the WWE universe still has a love for Zack Ryder, but I think his gimmicks are Woo Woo Wearing thin, and having Cena forced upon us doesn’t help the situation. Chow for now Broski’s x

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